Frequently Asked Questions

How to care for your garments!

Screen Printed - Cold water is ideal for screen-printed apparel as hot water can distill the ink on your clothing. Cold water gets your clothing clean and is gentler on fabric than hot water.

Hang dry (or if you must tumble dry low), Wash inside outside, Wash with like colours/ materials, Do not bleach, Do not iron over the print. 

Direct Embroidered or Patch - Check your embroidery and  secure any loose threads before washing.

For hand washing, soak the embroidered item in water and a mild detergent for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. It’s okay to spot treat any stains, but avoid scrubbing the embroidery directly.

For machine washing, opt for cold water, a mild detergent, and run a delicate cycle. Skip any harsh additives like bleach and brighteners.

Turn the embroidered item inside out before washing.

We don’t recommend machine washing anything with metal zippers as they can snag the embroidery threads.

*These washing methods can be applied to other decorating styles.

What decorating styles do you use?

Labels & Decoration | SRL Street - Custom Streetwear Australia

Direct Embroidery
Screen Printed
DTG (Direct to Garment)
DTF (Direct to Film)
Digital Transfers
Puff Print

What is Sublimation?

The sublimation printing process uses heat to essentially bring ink and fabric together as one. First, a design is printed onto special paper.
The process allows the ink to go from a solid to a gas without turning to liquid, a bit like dry ice.

What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for grams per square metre, which refers to the weight of a fabric. In general, the higher a fabric's GSM, the thicker and more hard-wearing it's likely to be. For example, denim has a much higher GSM than chiffon.

Stock Tees / Tanks - 140-280 GSM
Stock Hoodies - 290 - 400 GSM
Sublimated Polo UV Protected - 160 GSM
Sublimated Polo/ Fishing Shirt/ Tees - 160-200GSM
Sublimated Singlets / Shorts - 180 - 200 GSM 

What Fabric is used for sublimation?

100% polyester

Mesh - Mesh fabric is a type of textile characterized by its open and porous structure created by a network of closely spaced yarns or fibers. It is commonly used in various applications that require breathability, ventilation, and visibility. The open structure allows air to flow freely through the fabric, promoting ventilation and heat dissipation.
This makes it suitable for applications where comfort and airflow are essential, such as in sportswear, activewear, and outdoor gear.

Dryfit - Shiny fabric, also known as moisture-wicking fabric, is a type of performance fabric designed to quickly and efficiently wick moisture (such as sweat) away from the skin then moves it to the outer surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate more easily.

This wicking action helps to keep the wearer dry and comfortable during intense physical activities by reducing the clinginess and discomfort associated with wet fabric. It is commonly used in sportswear,
activewear, and outdoor clothing where moisture management and comfort during physical activity are essential.

Do you charge extra for name's and numbers on sublimated products?

No, any additional designs or logos, names , or numbers are included in the overall price.

What brands do you carry?

AS Colour, Gildan, Ramo, Winning Spirit

What file do you require?

Logos - PDFs, Illustrator file or any hi res image.
Images - Hi Res PNG, JPEG
List of names and numbers - Excel or Word doc

What are your minimum's on apparel orders?

We offer min of 10 units.

What colours are required?

We work with CMYK is used in most printing processes such as dye
sublimation, paper printing, screen printing etc.

In some cases, if Pantones are present within the company's brand logo or desired design, our supplier then matches the pantones to their swatch book which is in CMYK.
It is recommended to still add Pantones if its provided by the client as it makes it easier for our supplier to match the design to its truest colour.

What are you lead times?

Decorated Stock - 2.5-3 weeks 
Sublimated - 4 weeks

Who do we use to ship orders?

NSW, VIC, QLD – 1-4 days
WA, NT, SA – 4-6 days
All order are sent with the fastest shipping Carrier
We use Australia Post, TNT, DHL, Startrack